Embrace the Mirth

Would like to try this out
Let’s give up on all our fears
Every single one
Live out loud
And do away with doubt
Let’s wipe it all away
Dismantle everything
And embrace the mirth

Let’s see what happens
If we all indulge
How much better off
Could it maybe be
Now understand me

I’m not pushing this
It just adds up
Maybe we’re missing out
Could we all stand together
As we stand apart

But you know I’ll tell you
It will not be easy
We could just keep things going
We’re heading down that road
Do we know where it’s going?
Or what we’ve left behind?

I say we all find out
If what we’re fighting is
Really all that bad
For everyone of us
I know it sounds grim
To let go of so much

But if what is so good
We’re brave enough to reclaim
We could do away with the rest
That is standing in our way
And I think that maybe
We could do away with some things
I don’t see why that would have to be so bad

8 thoughts on “Embrace the Mirth

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