Compelled To Speak

The world is only changed by those that are compelled to speak

When the crowds go your way, you may sit back and listen

There is no need to overuse your voice

But the masses part slowly and before you know,

Your silence has  lead the talkers to victory

There is no rule that those that are good win

Only those that don’t shut up climb the mountain

Your words break their footing as they near the summit

And you can watch them slip as they stumble

There is no rule that those that speak are good

So if you’re enjoying the view, you should see them coming

Listen closely and address their concerns before it’s too late

Once their voice breaks that rock you’ll take them on quickly

As you pass them by while you gain speed toward the ground

But the good news is once you crater from the fall

You can raise your head up and hear shouts of glory

You know where to go and you know the way up

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