The Dark Knight Rises

Comic book movies are a dime a dozen these days especially if you’re the one still buying DVDs, but we’ve been treated to incredibly high art with this current Batman franchise from Christopher Nolan and they’ve been worth the cost of owning. You know the story. Batman’s been around almost 75 years now and the character has grown substantially, but we’re on board with the basics. His parents were shot in front of him and he coped by training himself for a life in a bat costume fighting crime. He’s a modern myth capable of almost anything. There have been tens of thousands of Batman stories, but one the very finest comes to an end today.

Liam. Cillian. Aaron. Heath. Anne. Tom. Michael. Gary. Morgan. Christian.

This is some major talent that has been granted to us for our modern myth. Heath sticks out the most, no doubt, but we haven’t been disappointed by any of them. I credit this fact to Christopher Nolan. This was not a small achievement on his part. Batman will no doubt be rebooted faster than Spiderman, but unlike those series, I really doubt anyone will be arguing which was better.

I will be eagerly waiting in line tonight for a midnight showing among the die hards of which I am very much one. It’s the finale. Batman will rise. And I’m sure so will ticket sales.

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