The Spanish Conquistador is back!

Years ago, this site started an audio comedy called “The Spanish Conquistador”. All the episodes are available in our “Podcast” section of our site. A hero forges a war on the forces of evil all lead by the nefarious Professor Gludlum from the confines of his underground castle. Pretty ground breaking stuff, especially considering the castle was underground. Well, the show has existed in some level of limbo for a while after the kickoff of its next big arc. And now, episodes will be forthcoming.

We have scripts for 3 new episodes, one is already viewable on this site and we are excited about the many surprises to come. Teasers for the episode include a princess, a new villain and a very uncomfortable incident that may or may not include making snow angels. Stay tune for the excitement! It’s back and better than ever. In the mean time, we’ve also uploaded the first episode of the series to our YouTube page. Enjoy catching up from the beginning so you’re up to speed next week when our next episode goes live! We’ll keep you posted!