Episode 1

Episode 1 (Click to hear)

Narrator: It’s the Spanish Conquistador, the only character to wrestle raging bulls with no effort at all! The strongest and smartest conquistador to ever hit Spain. His weekly adventures take him through peril and distress and that’s no bull. Heh heh. This week, The Spanish Conquistador finds himself in quite the argument. Let’s listen in.

SC: You messed with the wrong Spanish conquistador. You suck. For that, you die!

Unnamed Assailant: I won’t be taken down by The Spanish Conquistador. It is I who will kill you. You are going down and you will be the one who is dead.

SC: You can’t kill me because you are stupid, stupid.

Narrator: The two idiots continually and cleverly refer to the other as stupid and both fall asleep after hours of pointless name calling. Meanwhile in his super secret underground castle, Professor Gludlum plots the destruction of The Spanish Conquistador in a nefarious plot using his Ultra Unfriendly Super Squirrels.

Gludlum: Ha ha! Go Super Squirrels! Kill The Spanish Conquistador! Kill him and bring me his head! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Narrator: The Super Squirrels obey their creator and march up to the Earth’s surface where The Spanish Conquistador awaits asleep. Will he awaken in time and kick some major squirrel ass? Who was The Spanish Conquistador arguing with? Who exactly is really stupid? Find out next week on The Spanish Conquistador!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO7nrfhvPYM]

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