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Kid in a Cape Title Cards


The events following a date between Jose and Jackie. Things went so badly between them, Shortie decides to get involved and arrange a meeting between them. Needless to say, Jose does not react kindly.

Mr. Pickle

Mr. Pickle promoting his pickle pop.

Also featuring Josh Casey, an extremely talented man. Check out his site:

Trailer for The Spanish Conquistador Movie 1

Trailer for The Spanish Conquistador Movie 2 (without drop-in footage)

Pay Ian 5 Bucks To Do Anything


Presented here are requested videos from the man in charge. Requests are currently being accepted. If you would like to submit a video request, be specific with what you want in your video and efforts will be made, often in comedic ways, to accommodate your request. Here are a few examples.

Bridget’s Video Comment

Jenny’s Video Comment

Don’t forget to request your own video request from Ian now. Email him.

Bridget Flash Video

Animatic video with Bridget. Music by Route 66 Killers. Worth a look. Again, sensitive.

And of course, our welcome video.

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